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Trends of hedgerow seedlings in different regions

The market of hedge seedlings and ground cover plants in Yinchuan City is promising in the past two years. Because of its short production cycle, fast cash flow, and low risk, it is not only used in large quantities, but also favored by seedlings. The prices of flowers and plants are stable and are expected to rise after spring. This is because the cultivation of flowers and shrubs has not been large in recent years, but garden consumption has been relatively stable. According to estimates, a few varieties will be out of stock and out of stock in the future, leading to higher prices.

In Jixian County, Tianjin, hedgerow seedlings have continued to be popular in the past year. Take the engineering seedlings of 50 cm ~ {{1}} cm as an example. {{2}} In the second half of the year, Jiaodong Dayuhuangyang sells for RMB 0. 6 to RMB 0. {{6}}, and the recent selling price is RMB 0. {{ 8}} yuan to 1 yuan; {{{1}} centimeters to {{6}} 0 centimeters of barberry once sold for 2. {{ From 6}} to 3; the price of Euonymus japonicus has not changed. In 2 0 1 6, the price of the tomb menu plant rose from 0. 3 5 yuan to 0. 6 yuan.

In Taigu, Shanxi, the market for bush hedge seedlings has basically lasted for 2016 years. In the spring of 2016, {{{2}} to {{2}}. 2 The cloves at a height of m are priced from 0. 8 to {{ 2}} yuan, now from 2 to 3 yuan. Jiaodong {{{{{{{{{{{1 8} 6}} 4}} 2}} 0}} cm to {{{{{{{{{{1 {{ 19}}}} 6}} 4}} 2}} {{{{{{{{{1 8}}}} 4}} 2}}}} cm The high price of high yellow boxwood recently {{2}}. {{{{{{{{1 8}}}} 4}} 3}} to {{{{4 }}}}. 8 yuan; the price of gold leaf wax with the same specifications {{2}}. {{{{{{{{1 8}} 6}} 4 }} 3}} Yuan to {{2}}. 8 Yuan; Hongye barberry of the same specification sells for about 2 Yuan.

The performance of hedgerow seedlings is more eye-catching. The stock of such seedlings runs out at the end of the fall of 2016. It is expected that the prices of such seedlings will rise this spring. Populus euphratica, Berberis purpurea, and Ligustrum are still the dominant species in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The relatively hardy yellow boxwood, clumped wax, densely branched red plum, clumped golden leaf elm, etc. are mainly supplied to the northwestern region with little price fluctuation. For example, if it is higher than {{{1}} cm, each plant is {{{{{4}}}} and every 60 cm {{{4}}. {{5 yuan. The flowers and wood balls perform well. For example, 1 rice canopy is about 7 5 / plant. In addition, the dry ball market is also good, such as silk cotton grafted spear ball, the diameter of 4 cm ball per plant 1 meters 7 5 yuan.

In Urumqi, the price of plums, cherries and elm will also increase 10% to 20% in 2017 due to the large annual transportation volume in 2016 The price of its seedlings.