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Zhiyingxiaomiao has become an important tree species in the urban landscape

Through cutting seedling propagation of Zhiying seedlings, the cutting methods, cultivation management, colonization and pest control techniques were summarized, and the application of the plant in gardens was described.

Zhiyingxiaomiao is a new variety of colorful leaf trees introduced from the United States in the 20 century {{{{{{{}}}}}} in China in the late 1970s, with plant heights up to {{2}}. 3}} ~ 2. 5 m. Leaves purplish red or deep cord red, single leaf alternate, broadly wedge-shaped at the base of the leaf, simple, medium to small, light pink, 5 petals , Single pistil, {{{2}} 6-20 stamen, flowering period 4-5 months. I like a warm and humid climate, with low soil requirements and thriving on fertile land with good drainage. Cold and drought resistance, high survival rate of transplanting, and strong pruning resistance. Since the introduction of the 20 {{{2}} 2 Tonghai nursery in Huangzhong County, due to the good stability of the seedlings of Zhiying, the small variation in leaf color, the fast growth, the adaptability is It performs well in winter and has become an important colorful leaf tree species in the urban landscape in recent years.

Overview of the nature and climate of the planting site

The altitude of Dai Zhidi is 2380 m, and the climatic characteristic is a typical continental climate, which is characterized by depression, small precipitation, large evaporation, short frost-free period, and large daily temperature difference. Annual average temperature {{1}}. 2 ° C, annual frost-free period 1 2 0 ~ 130 d }}. 3 mm, multi-year average evaporation is 1 4 {{{1}} 1. 1 mm, annual average sunshine hours {{ 2}} {{1}} 88. 3 h.