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Zhiying Xiaomiao's vitality is tenaciously moving

There may be few people who have heard, but she does have a nice name-Zhiying. She is not tall (about 10 cm), blooms twice a year (each time up to 40 days), sometimes brightly dressed (fire red, pink), sometimes elegant (snow white ). Beautiful flowers always make people think of withering, but the vitality of Zhiying Xiaomiao is tenaciously moving, and you can grow another plant after cutting a small branch into the soil

  1, Drought tolerant, no choice of soil: The barren land can also bloom a sea of ​​flowers.

  2 High temperature resistance: 40 High temperature maintains its posture.

  3, very cold-resistant: minus 10 ° C also keeps your head high, and the fire of life at minus 30 ° C will not go out.

  4, I like the sun, but I do n’t refuse the moonlight: it can grow normally in the shade and bloom. It is really not too good to keep it. Sometimes I think of it, just give her some water. Shiba Sakura is known as the "Sakura Sakura" in Japan, and it has the same name as Sakura

Use micro-spray to manage Zhiying seedlings. In the early stage, you need to spray water constantly to maintain the humidity of the ground so that the seedlings can take root quickly. Zhiying is a very cold-resistant flower root system, so it is deeply rooted. After curing and taking root, Zhiying It is also very drought tolerant. In the early stage of each kind of flower seedlings, we need to be carefully watered. If there is no micro spray in our scenic area, we must also find ways to water the seedlings. Every spring in Hokkaido there is a famous "Shiba Sakura Festival".