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Change seasonal flowers to refresh city values

Over the past few days, the landscaping department has replaced seasonal flowers on many major roads, city entrances and exits in urban areas, creating a beautification effect of "city in the forest, people in the landscape, flowers in the eyes" and constantly refreshing the city's "face value" ".

On the morning of   12 Month 19, at the traffic-oriented island in the south of the city, the reporter saw that the original coleus and periwinkle flowers in the flower base had been cleared, and the staff of the District Garden Institute were collaborating with each other , Planting white, yellow and purple pansy. Because the seasonal flowers planted are herbaceous flowers, the life cycle and viewing period are about two or three months, and they must be replaced in time according to the seasonal changes to ensure excellent viewing effects. Since last year, the district landscaping department has replaced seasonal flowers in key locations in urban areas such as Yingbin Avenue, Yongfeng Bridge, Luzhou Avenue, and Xixi Wetland Park four times a year, while supervising the cultivation and maintenance of flowers implement.

Right now it is late winter and the weather is cold. The staff of the district garden office has replaced the flowers with cold and cold-resistant tricolor thorns. So far, about 13 pots have been planted. At a glance, on the neat road, the propaganda slogan and the pansy among the green leaves clump together. Under the hard work of the staff, the green islands in important areas of the city will once again present a multi-color and multi-level landscape effect, creating a more beautiful living environment for the citizens.