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Ornamental grass flower field and maintenance method

Ornamental grass flower field refers to the flower field formed by different types of ornamental grass flowers.

The stalks are graceful, the leaves are colorful, the inflorescences are colorful, and the plants flow with the wind, which can show the dynamics and rhythm of the plants.

It has universal adaptability to habitats, and has low requirements on soil and management.

There are many types, from rich leaf colors to diverse inflorescences, from rugged wild fun to elegant and neat, from tall plant types to low and small, so it has a variety of applications.

Planting small and medium-sized pieces will leave an unforgettable impression, and for tall plants such as mans and pampas grass, orphan plants can attract people's attention.

The flower field composed of ornamental grass is natural and elegant, simple and strong, with natural wildness, characteristic and extensive management. The shortcoming is that they are all in the development stage in spring, which has a certain impact on the landscape effect.

In order to avoid and improve this situation, a small amount of plants with good spring effects, such as Eight Treasures Crassulaceae, Iris, etc. can be arranged.

Conservation method

  1 The daily maintenance is mainly to cut off the old stems at the end of winter or early spring every year, so that the new shoots are not shielded and keep growing faster. The tufted ornamental grass flowers should be ramified to maintain strong vitality.

  2 The frequency of ramets depends on its type, the fertility of the soil, and the intensity of sunlight.

  3 For most grass species, it is a safe method to ramify every three years. The division of plants is generally completed in autumn or early spring.