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The specific steps of holly Euonymus sowing and cutting

Holly Euonymus is a perennial shrub plant. When breeding, two methods, seeding and cutting, are commonly used. Breeding time can be carried out in winter, cuttings are the most common way. Let me introduce you to the specific steps of holly planting and cutting.

1. Seeding

In the 11 month of each year, the seeds of holly are collected. Soak the ripe fruits in water, remove the seeds and wash them, dry them in the sun, and carry out sand treatment. When winter comes, plant it in the soil, bury it in thin soil, and cover the surface of the soil with straw. Wait until April of the following year, after the germination, you can uncover the straw.

Second, cutting

  1. Select insert

After the leaves of Holly Euonymus fall in winter, choose thick, hard branches and use a sharp knife to cut 15-20 cm. Remove excess leaves and keep the top 2-3 leaves. Cut the lower end of the branch into 45 ° oblique cuts, soak in the rooting solution for 30 minutes, remove and dry.

  2. Cutting

Prepare a suitable container, and mix humus soil, peat soil, and vermiculite as culture soil. Fill the culture soil into the container, smooth the soil and insert the holly lancet insert, and the surrounding soil is slightly compacted. Watering keeps the soil moist and keeps it in a semi-shady place. When the soil is dry, water it in time and avoid stagnant water. After waiting for the cuttings to take root, they can be transplanted to a suitable pot or place for normal maintenance and management.

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