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What to pay attention to when buying rose seedlings in early spring (below)

Understand the difference between the temperature in the nursery area and your own area

Understanding the current state of rose seedlings is one of the precautions. After understanding the state of the seedlings, you should also consider the environmental and climatic factors of your own area for comprehensive consideration.

For example, in Yunnan in early spring, flowers in Guangdong can buy rose seedlings in greenhouses because the temperature is relatively warm, which is similar to the original greenhouse environment in which the roses grow, and can achieve a better conversion.

But if it is a cold area, it will be more troublesome to buy a greenhouse seedling. Even if it is not a greenhouse seedling, the time for northern flower friends to buy rose seedlings in the spring should be slightly delayed to prevent such a large temperature difference between north and south from causing frostbite of rose tenders.

Understand the planting substrate

After understanding the growth of rose seedlings and the regional differences, you also need to understand the culture quality of the next rose.

Generally, the rose seedlings cultivated in the open air use pine scales to match the soil, and the greenhouse seedlings use coconut brick soil.

Knowing the composition of the Chinese rose in advance will help us to prepare the Chinese rose and the slow measures after receiving it.

The flower friend of the reader group mentioned above, the rose seedlings he bought were planted with coconut brick soil, and the soil was very wet after receiving it. Although he did not water it, the leaves blackened after two days The problem.

The blackening of the leaves is actually a manifestation of the stuffy roots. The problem lies in the roots. If such roses are not handled in time, they will wither and die soon.

Receiving seedling delay problem

If you do n’t know the relevant conditions of the rose seedlings before purchasing, then after receiving the seedlings, you should also disassemble them in time to check the seedlings and the soil conditions.

If the rose itself grows more vigorously, the potted soil is coconut brick soil, or the soil with sand and garden soil is relatively compact, then the pot should be replaced in time, and the potted soil should be replaced.

If you are not in a hurry to change the pot, you should also place the rose in a warm and well-ventilated place. Rose flower seedlings are removed from the pot and placed in a ventilated place to speed up the loss of water in the soil.

The rose is a bit dry, and we can quickly recover it by watering it in time, but if the roots are gone, it is really difficult to save.

The flower friend of the reader group above is because the rose soil received is coconut brick, which is too water-retaining, and it is boring during mailing. After receiving it, it failed to be ventilated in time, resulting in blackened leaves and roots. damage.