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Introduction to the nursery knowledge of special flowers of Huahai

Introduction to the breeding of special flowers of Huahai

  1. Seed or cutting seedling treatment

It is strictly forbidden to choose medicinal soaking seeds and coating seeds. When seed seedlings, mix seeds with em bacterial solution 200-300 times dilution before sowing, the amount can be mixed well; cutting seedlings are strictly prohibited from dipping with chemicals, when cutting seedlings, use Yifuyuan em bacterial solution 300-500 times dilution Cut the bottom of the seedling.

  2. Seedling bed and substrate treatment

When raising seedlings in a seedbed, before sowing or cutting, apply em bacterial liquid fermentation organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer, the dosage is 1 00-{{1}} kg / mu. When applying ordinary organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer during fertilizer application, irrigate the seedbed with em bacterial solution {{1}} times dilution. When using a nutrient bowl or nursery tray to raise seedlings, before sowing or raising seedlings, mix the organic fertilizer of Yifuyuan em bacterial liquid stock with the soil 1: 1 and leave it for a few weeks to wait for fermentation. Mix it with soil 3: 7 and put it in the pot. If the prepared substrate is selected, spray the substrate with {{{1}} times dilution liquid of Yifuyuan em bacterial solution before the potting of the special flowers of Huahai. The humidity is preferably 60-80%.

  3. Seedling management

7-10 days after emergence (emergence), spray the seedlings once with 300-500 times dilution of em bacterial solution. At the same time, spray 300-500 times of diluent of wine em bacteria liquid and insect control liquid to prevent diseases and insect pests.

Before transplanting, the organic fertilizer fermented organic fertilizer was used as the base fertilizer during the site preparation of the cultivation garden, and the dosage was 100-300 kg per mu. If applying ordinary organic fertilizer as base fertilizer. Before transplanting, irrigate roots with Yifuyuan em bacterial solution, the dosage is 3-5 kg ​​per mu.

When using potted medium, before transplanting flowers or special flowers, EM broth organic fertilizer and soil are mixed in the ratio of 1: 1 and fermented (for 2-4 weeks), Then mix it with the soil at the ratio of 3: 7 and put it in the pot. If you choose a prepared substrate, spray 3 00-fold dilution of EM bacterial solution to the substrate before pouring, the humidity should be 60-80%, stir well, and then install the tray.