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Seed management of Zhiyingxiaomiao

  1, sowing:
At the end of 3 month 4, a batch of seedlings of Zhiying cherry seedlings were carried out in the greenhouse. Due to the hybrid seed production, the female parent and the first-phase male parent can be sown first, and then the second-phase father can be sown after one month This can ensure the quality of later pollination. The prepared bed soil should be disinfected first. Potassium permanganate, formalin, dikeson, etc. can be used to spray the seedbed with an appropriate proportion of aqueous solution. The bed soil is sieved through a fine sieve, the bed is flat, and the bottom water is poured. After the water seeps, the seeds are evenly spread on the seedbed, and each gram of 750 seeds is germinated before sowing. After the seeds have been sown, sieve the prepared sandy soil evenly on the seedbed, covering the soil with a thickness of 0. 3 ㎝, and then covering it with plastic film, arch type, about 7 — {{6 }} Can germinate into seedlings in a day.
  2, seedling management
After the seedlings of Zhiying grow out, they must be carefully managed. At this time, the temperature in the greenhouse is high, so pay attention to water control to prevent the seedlings from growing. When the seedlings grow to 6 — {{1}} ㎝ high, transplanting can be carried out, which can be transplanted into a nutrient bowl, and when the seedlings grow to {{2}} ㎝ It is directly planted in the seed production shed, and the entire seed production is carried out in the plastic greenhouse in the protected area. Apply plantar fertilizer before planting. It is better to use N, P and K compound fertilizers. The plant spacing should be planted according to 30 × 30 ㎝. The planting method adopts high border planting, which is beneficial to drainage and ventilation. Breathable to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. It is possible to plant 6 000 seedlings per acre of planting area, and the parent ratio is 1: 2, which is more suitable, so that there is abundant yield, and the parental flowers can be used reasonably. After planting, we must pay attention to watering, fertilization, ventilation, pest control and other management. Watering depends on the seedling stage, the amount of watering is also different, depending on the soil conditions. Start topdressing one month after planting, apply a small amount of compound fertilizer, farmyard manure is better, to ensure the seedling growth of Zhiying seedlings, the sky blue hydrangea seedlings are susceptible to infection, cataplexy, root rot, etc. In order to avoid the occurrence of pests and diseases, medicines are given once a week to prevent fungal infections. Bordeaux mixture, carbendazim, chlorothalonil, etc. are usually used.