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Disease control and garden use of Zhiying seedlings

Pest control of Zhiying seedlings: leaf blight
Symptoms: The main feature of the disease is that the lower leaves of the plant first turn yellow and gradually develop upward until the entire branch dies. The disease is serious on old plants, but it does not affect the cutting pathogens and the pathogenesis of seedlings and new roots: the pathogen of the sky blue hydrangea leaf blight is an abiotic factor, that is, this disease is a non-invasive disease . The reason is that the new shoots germinated by the old stems in spring do not get enough water supply, so that the lower leaves withered and died first.
Protection measures: According to the cause, when spring old stems germinate new branches, increase sprinkler irrigation, increase soil water content and air humidity to reduce plant transpiration and reduce disease, but generally can not return to normal.
Garden use
Zhiying Xiaomiao possesses many excellent traits of perennial flowers, and has many garden uses: it can be planted in open spaces; it can be dotted in the edge of the green belt; it can be planted in the gaps between rocks; it can be combined with tulips, bellflowers, dwarf hemerocallis, etc. Mixed planting of flowers; it can be planted under big trees to play the role of beautification of the loess in the open air; it can also be planted in the slope area, which not only beautifies the slope, but also reduces soil erosion.
Zhiying is highly valued in the landscaping business. It not only has high coverage and strong ornamental value, it is an excellent ground cover flower, which can replace traditional lawns and is a good ground cover plant. With its long flowering period and long green period (330-36 O days), Zhiying is very popular among the masses, especially when blooming in early spring, the flowers are like blossoms, and the celebration is pleasant. It is suitable for planting flower beds in the garden or planting in the rock garden. It can be decorated with decorative materials to decorate the lawn or hanging pot plants. Used for flower beds, flower borders, and ground covers.
The protection and application of the pests and diseases of Zhiyingxiaomiao will be introduced here for the time being, because of space limitations, we will not repeat them here. If you have the need to purchase flowers and other garden plants, you are welcome to call Qingzhou Zhiqing Flower Seedling Co., Ltd. The quality of our seedlings is very high. If you have any questions about planting, we will also answer you in time. Look forward to your visit and cooperation.