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What to pay attention to when buying rose seedlings in early spring (on)

Although it has been rainy and rainy on this day, it also can't stop our enthusiasm friends, the enthusiasm of planting flowers. This is just the beginning of spring, many flower friends can't wait to start buying rose seedlings.
This is not just a few days ago, the reader group has Huayou, and the newly bought rose seedlings have a problem.
The leaves became black within two days of receipt, and the soil was always wet. It can be clearly seen that the leaves are black and dry.
For this seedling, Xiaobian made a conjecture that the rose flowers were naturally grown in coconut brick soil. As a result, Huayou said that the seller really used coconut brick soil. Regarding the growing of coconut bricks, the editor has already introduced it in the previous article, so I won't go into details here. Today, the editor mainly talks about the idea of ​​buying the rose in early spring. What thunder should we not step on.
Precautions for buying rose seedlings in early spring
First understand the Miaoqing, shed seedlings or open seedlings
When buying rose seedlings in early spring, you should first understand the seedlings. With the exception of the southern region, the leaves will fall dormant in winter.
So if the place of delivery is in Jiangsu or Zhejiang or north of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, then the open-air rose is generally in a bare state. This polished state generally lasts from the end of the 11 month to the middle of the 3 month.
If the rose you bought in early spring is with flowers, or has twigs with leaves, then it is generally a shed seedling. The rose seedlings cultivated in the shed will not sleep because the temperature is warmer in winter, so there will be leaves There are buds.
But this Miao Xiaobian personally does not recommend buying!
The growth of all things has its own rules. After the dormant rose in winter, the spring will grow more vigorously, and the temperature in early spring will be unstable.
If the newly grown shoots stop growing, it will have a greater impact on the plant type in the future.
Because of space limitations, let's talk about it first, and then we continue.