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Ou Dizhu gives you a romantic fairy tale world

It is known as the lawn flowering machine. When it is not blooming, it looks far away from the ordinary lawn, but when it blooms, it seems to be in the fairy tale world. The dense flowers cover the leaves below. It is a romantic sea of ​​flowers. It is Euonymus, a perennial root flowering plant that can replace the lawn, with a plant height of 15-20cm, which is neat and even without pruning.
The flowers are pink, with a flower diameter of 2-3cm, five petals, small serrations on the edges, clustered flowers, and beautiful veins.
Long flowering period
It blooms for more than 200 days in a year, and the flowering period is from the end of 4 to the month of 11.
Large amount of flowers
During the flowering period, clustered flowers are densely open, covering the leaves like a large blanket of flowers.
forever Young
The green period of Caryophylla is as long as 365 days. The small blue and green leaves are densely clustered, and quickly form a large cluster. The densely covered grassland has soft leaves and is comfortable to lie on.
Cold and heat resistant
Not only cold-resistant but also heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, cold-resistant zone 3-9, can withstand -18 ℃ low temperature in winter, and 42 ℃ high temperature in summer.
Strong resistance
In addition to cold and heat resistance, it is also resistant to barren land, drought, salt, and pests.
A lawn that is not afraid of stepping, yes, it is not afraid of stepping. In the past, there were signs of prohibiting stepping on the lawn, but it is not afraid of lying in such a sea of ​​flowers on a warm afternoon and feeling a pleasant time.
Very maneuverable
It can be planted on a large scale like a lawn, it will quickly cover the ground, and it will also give you a romantic sea of ​​flowers. The key is not to use dense pruning; it can be decorated in the garden, beside the rocks, near the lotus pond, between the gaps of different flowers; you can also Make small potted plants, fresh and lovely.
It is planted in a rock garden with rich ancient style. The thick rocks produce pink flowers, and the style is very different. Ou Dizhu has a fast-growing effect. In landscape design, it can be planted on a large scale like a lawn, and quickly forms a gorgeous ground blanket.