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Willow leaf verbena is common but lavender is not

  0010010 nbsp; The lavender planted in Provence today is a hybrid of narrow-leaf lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and broad-leaf lavender (Lavandula latifolia), commonly known as narrow-leaf lavender (Lavandula x intermedia) or striking lavender. The hybrids have good resistance, large flowers, easy harvesting, and high oil yield. Therefore, they are a common planting type, as are lavenders in the Yili region of Xinjiang. But the British do not look at French goods, and they always think that the essential oil made from the narrow-leaved lavender grown in the UK is good. Ironically, the narrow leaves are not native English plants, but brought by the French. What we are talking about is the "purple flower" which is similar to lavender-willow leaf verbena.
In recent years, in order to develop tourism in many areas, many lavender planting bases have sprung up like mushrooms. Advertisements are also like Provence blockbusters. From afar, they look like large blocks of blue-purple, which seem to be lavender. However, when tourists send out close-up photos on the Internet, they will find that they are mixed with many other plants.
Lavender generally blooms in June and July, and the flowering period is relatively short. It can't be purple all the year round. Even if it is a real lavender base, you have to plant other similar plants to fill the gap when the lavender is not blooming. Tourists will not be able to meet the lavender blooming period. If they follow the blue and purple flowers with their opinions, they will take a group photo. Then the invoice circle says "lavender", which is a bit wrong.
Verbena officinalis is a more common plant used to replace lavender, but it is still very different from lavender, because its inflorescence is cymes, which gathers into flower balls when blooming, and lavender The small, whorled flowers form a stick-shaped spike.
From a gardening perspective, if you have a large sunny yard, lavender is more suitable, but the flowering period is shorter, and it looks desolate when not blooming. As a shrub, you have to endure its slow growth rate.
If you want to work quickly and last for a long time, both blue sage and willow verbena are suitable. They grow fast and the flowering period is long, but verbena is easy to fall down. Blue sage has no major disadvantages The shortcoming is the bad street.
0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Of course, if you have cats, Nepeta plants are for you.