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Matters needing attention in water distribution of rose seedlings

Let's learn about the soil distribution of rose seedlings:
Taking advantage of the time when the naked root rose water, we can first prepare the potting soil for planting. The potting soil of the rose is required to be loose and fertile. The rose is not resistant to drought or water and moisture, so permeability is a hard indicator, followed by fertility.
The editor recommends that you can use: Fermented bark: rot leaf soil: peat: perlite according to 1: {{1}}: {{1}}: {{0 }} To configure and mix evenly for use. At the same time, prepare the fermented organic fertilizer, either sheep dung or chicken manure. If there is bone meal, you can also take it out for use.
Repair root
Before planting the bare root rose, put the rose in the flower pot to test the size, and trim the bad root and the excessively long root of the bare root rose, as long as the root of the bare root rose can be placed in the flower pot.
After pruning the root system, the next step is to plant, first add a small amount of potting soil to the bottom of the pot, then add the fermented organic fertilizer and bone meal, mix it, and then add a layer of potting soil to separate the fertilizer from the root.
Then put the bare root rose into the flower pot, add the mixed rose soil, and gently pat the pot wall while adding it, so that the soil and the root system are closely combined.
After planting, water the rose seedlings once, and this time the water is also called the rooting water.
Regarding the slow rose seedlings, the editor recommends that you plant the rose in early spring instead of slowly, and just place it in a sunny place. The rose is a plant that likes light very much. It is easy to grow and grow thin when there is no light for a long time. Sunbathing is more conducive to rose recovery.
Generally, you can take pots after one week. It is recommended to wait until at least 15 days before topping up the fertilization water to avoid the rose not being taken up and premature top dressing to cause fatal damage.
Matters needing attention
If it is a bare-root rose planted in the ground, then there is no need to consider the problem of soil distribution, and the root repair can also be done without excessive pruning, as long as the bad roots are cut.
Before planting, first add some fermented organic fertilizer to the bottom of the pit, and then sprinkle a layer of soil, then put the rose seedlings into the pit, fill the soil, after filling the soil, you can gently step on some soil with your feet to make the root Closer to the soil. Try to pour water once again.