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Oleander powder shell gives you a lawn full of flowers

Ou Di "Powder Shell", A perennial flowering plant that can replace the lawn. Although it is a single petal, it has a large amount of flowers. It is planted in pieces to cover the ground.
Sitting and resting with the family on the grass in the sunshine, watching the children play, petting and playing ... If you are tired of the constant color and frequent mowing of the lawn, we recommend that you plant this Flower-filled "lawn-European Dianthus" pink shell ".
The "Pink Shell" plant is short, only 15-20 cm in shape, compact and full round, with branches creeping and growing, and the blue and green small leaves are densely clumped, quickly forming a large clump, densely covering the grass. When it comes to flowering, pink shells can be regarded as flowering machines, blooming for more than 200 days a year, from the end of 4 until the end of the frost period 11 months. The dark pink small flower, single petal, has beautiful veins on the petals, the edges are jagged, when blooming, the dense flowers cover the leaves below, see the flowers but not the leaves, it is a romantic sea of ​​flowers.
Not afraid of trampling, "Pink Shell" is an evergreen variety in Dianthus, which doesn't deciduous even in winter. It is suitable for planting in pieces. The non-flowering season is similar to ordinary lawns in the distance, but the leaves have a soft texture and are tired. You can sleep comfortably while lying down. You can also tell a story to your children and feel the beauty of daily life. Time. If you have more money, you can step on it. If you have more money, build a flowering football field. Run and play with your athletes on flowers, chase medals, sweat, and nourish the earth.
Cold and heat resistant, with a wide geographical range
It is not only cold-resistant but also heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and cold-resistant. It can be planted from the north of Jilin to the south of Hangzhou.
Strong vitality, feel free to plant
The caryophyllaceae "powder shell" has strong disease resistance, excellent endurance, heat resistance, drought resistance, and salt tolerance, and extensive management. Soil drainage is better, and avoid watering too hard. The annual growth is about 5 cm. When planting in groups, it is necessary to pay attention to leaving a certain space for growth. As long as the flowers are lightly cut to maintain lush growth.