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2019 Analysis on the production and marketing of Qingzhou green seedlings

Recently, the China Flower Association officially issued the "2019 National Flower Production and Sales Situation Analysis Report". The full text of the report covers five major fields of potted plants, fresh cut flowers, green ornamental seedlings, flower shop retail, and flower market. For ease of reading, the relevantGreen seedlings in QingzhouThe contents are organized as follows:
  2019 Analysis of annual production and sales
The garden market uses seedlings for innovation and change, native tree species return, colorful leaf species are popular, high-quality, original crown seedlings, cluster seedlings, containerized products are more popular, large-scale new excellent seedlings, colorful leaves and functional seedlings are selling well . In the 2019 year, the nursery stock market is still composed of evergreen and deciduous, coniferous and colored leaves of trees, sub-arbores, flowering shrubs, landscape pile shaped trees, hedge color blocks, liana climbing plants, ornamental bamboo, ground cover flowers Environment, ornamental grasses and aquatic plants.
Judging from the characteristics of market demand, Qingzhou's green seedlings are characterized by diverse applications, high standards, and strict requirements. The return of native tree species, the popularity of colorful leaf species, and the strong functional and stress-resistant species are favored.
  1. Large and medium-sized trees with high quality, original crown seedlings, bush seedlings, and containerized products are more popular.
  2. Flower shrubs pay more attention to new varieties, color fruit, high dryness and specialization.
  3. The shape tree is mainly precious, peculiar and diverse.
  4. The ball and hedge market favor large format, high quality and serialization.
  5. Flower ground cover plants, ornamental grasses, and aquatic plants are very popular, and the quantity and price of new excellent varieties are rising.
In terms of product structure, large-scale new excellent seedlings, colored leaves and functional seedlings are selling well. Small and medium-sized conventional nursery stocks and homogeneous low-end nursery stocks are still too large. The contradiction between the unbalanced nursery stock production and marketing area, the unbalanced product structure, and the unbalanced market supply and demand has not been resolved.
The western and northern China are still the main battlefields for the production and marketing of green seedlings in Qingzhou. The ecological environment and sand control, urban afforestation, forest city construction, roof greening, and park green space construction are in great demand. The garden seedling market is large, long-lasting, and in high demand.