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Application trend of green seedlings in Qingzhou

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Central area ecological environment transformation, forest city construction, plain greening and urban coloring, wetland transformation, three-dimensional Greenery, characteristic towns, and beautiful villages have been built very hard. The ecological environment management, forest city construction, urban afforestation, garden city, greenway construction, increased landscape greening transformation and the construction of characteristic towns in the southeast region are also very impressive. Large-scale land greening, sponge cities, parks, large traffic road investment, cultural tourism landscape, real estate courtyard landscape, horticulture and three-dimensional greening, rural revitalization, rural infrastructure construction have not yet fully released the demand potential, and the seedling industry has a good prospect.
Let's take a look at the application trends of seedling products together
The green seedling products in Qingzhou will be further increased from ordinary low-end products to products with superior, distinctive and high-grade products, and extended to eco-tourism and foreign trade products.
Color leaf flower seedlings, weeping seedlings, three-dimensional modeling seedlings, hedgerow seedlings and salt-alkali water and humidity resistance, wind and sand drought resistance, air purification and soil repair seedlings, urban afforestation seedlings and seedlings containing flower and tree culture will become popular product.
The general trend of seedling products and their production and marketing operations is mechanization, differentiation, variety, technology, facilities, standardization, networking, functionalization, and containerization.
Reconstruct the function of Qingzhou green seedling products
With the development of the industry and market stratification, the adjustment of the nursery stock industry structure and production methods has accelerated. Seedling companies and operators in many places have repositioned their production and operation objectives and reconstructed the functions of seedling products.
New changes have taken place in the shape and production methods of nurseries, mainly reflected in:
■ From comprehensive nursery to special nursery;
■ From big and full to small and professional (US);
■ From production to business;
■ From traditional farming to modern production;
■ From seedling production to integration of the three industries;
■ From extensive management to detailed management.