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The caryophyllum leaf sheath is formed at the junction of stems and leaves, and its diameter is wider than that of the stems. The flowers are clustered and the calyx is cylindrical, slightly constricted at the apex. Like the carnation family, there are a series of opposite bracts around the calyx. Its length is about half of the calyx. The flowers have veins, 20-30mm in diameter, dark pink, petals 5, serrated.

The new favorite of the sea of ​​flowers --- European Dianthus, is a new breed of cross-breeding between Dianthus caryophyllus, perennial grass flowers. The flowering period is planted in the open field in Shandong area from early 4 month to mid 10 month, from April to June is the blooming period, the average flowering period is 18 days in Flowers can be bloomed again under good conditions in November; temperatures above 5 ° can be sparsely bloomed to form embroidered lawns, and temperatures above 0 ° can be sporadic; flowers can cover the leaves during the flowering period, forming a spectacular sea of ​​flowers.

It is evergreen and blooms all year round in frost-free areas; the growth and flowering performance is better in the high temperature season under half-day sunshine. Resistant to light trampling, the normal maintenance period can reach more than 10 years. Its plants are overgrown on the ground, the plant height is 5-6 cm, the flowering stem height is 9 cm; the stem is thin, the internodes are short; the leaves are densely covering the ground, and the leaf length is 3-4 cm , Width 3 mm, leaf color is emerald green, the leaf color turns dark green after frosting, the leaf turns dark purple when the temperature is below 0 degrees; the rate of germination is strong, each leaf axillary can be naturally branched; the flower is light purple, It has a sweet fragrance. The petals have a five-pointed star shape and the flower diameter is 1-1. 5 cm.

Caryophyllaceae is a perennial evergreen grass, sexually pleasing to the sun, resistant to half shade, cold and hot, and can grow normally at -35 ° continuous low temperature and 43 ° continuous high temperature conditions; it is resistant to drought and is generally not watered in open field cultivation Conservation, not resistant to water and humidity; sandy loam with good drainage, grows normally on barren soil, the terrain has slopes as well; more resistant to saline-alkali; can grow normally in a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline environment, less pests and diseases.

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