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Verbena officinalis
Verbena officinalis
Verbena officinalis

The blooming period of willow verbena is 6 ~ 8 months each year, and the corolla changes from light purple to blue when in full bloom. When you see a sea of ​​purple flowers, it brightens your eyes. When I first saw it, I mistakenly thought it was lavender, but it is very different from lavender in the close up, but this does not affect the tourists' feast on this sea of ​​flowers.

When the weather is fine, purple verbena has butterflies and bees wandering on its beautiful purple petals, while the yellow flowers next to it compete with the verbena, layer by layer, beautiful.

The sea of ​​verbena flowers is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the blue-purple willow verbena under the blue sky and white clouds freely shakes in the wind, and its blossoming flowers merge into a sea of ​​flowers and connect with the sky, although surprising, but also Feeling comfortable, part of the slightly messy verbena that was blown by the wind came to the flowers, and the breeze was blowing face to face, with a faint floral fragrance in the wind, which was intoxicating, and seemed to feel that he had integrated into the sea of ​​flowers and became one of them. , The surroundings do not need to be modified, presenting a simple and primitive beauty.

You need to distinguish clearly. Willow leaf verbena is similar to lavender. It is not lavender either. It is better to recognize its appearance!

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