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Introduction to the pruning period of hedge seedlings

According to different heights, hedgerow seedlings can be divided into green walls (high 1. {{{{2}}}} meters or more, which can completely block people ’s sight); high hedges (high {{0} }. 2 meters to 1. {{5}} meters, people ’s sight can pass, but people ca n’t cross; Mid-green hedge (high 0. {{{{11} }}} Meters to 1. 2 meters for protection); short hedgerows (below 0. 5 meters). The form of hedges commonly used in urban greening is dwarf hedges, especially in the middle isolation zone of urban streets. In order to reduce the impact on pedestrians' sight, dwarf hedges are generally planted. However, during the growing and pruning process of dwarf hedges year by year, the height is increasing, especially in summer, pruning is often carried out at the same time as the cutting material is obtained, often before and after the growing season, and the pruning is the new branch that year, the height is generally not reduced By the previous year, the lower limit of pruning is high, so that each time the pruning height is increased appropriately, after a few years, the overall height will be much higher than before planting, affecting pedestrians' sight. For this reason, it is important to re-cut the hedge.
Pruning period
The pruning period and number of hedge seedlings should be flexibly controlled according to different tree species. For evergreen coniferous tree species, because their new shoots germinate early each year, the first pruning should be completed at the end of spring and early summer, and cutting materials can be obtained together. After the beginning of autumn, it begins to grow vigorously. At this time, the second overall pruning should be carried out to keep the plants uniform in the autumn and winter seasons. For most broad-leaved tree species, pruning can be performed in time in spring, summer and autumn as needed. To obtain cutting materials, it is usually carried out in late spring and early or late in the growing season. Hedgerows planted with flowering shrubs are not recommended for regular pruning. Pruning should be done after flowering, so as not to allow a lot of fruit and new shoots to consume nutrients, but also promote the differentiation of new flower buds and bloom for the next year or later prepare for. Such pruning often increases the hedge height on the basis of the original height.
In Hengshui, Hebei, there are sometimes severe low temperature or heavy snow weather, which often causes the hedge seedlings to suffer different degrees of freezing damage, which in turn causes the hedge to appear dry leaves, dry tips and dead branches, which seriously affects the landscape quality of the trimmed hedge. Shearing generally chooses to take place shortly before the tree germinates during the dormant period (2 months). This period is shorter, and a large number of workers should be organized to complete the work quickly.