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Green seedlings in Qingzhou
Green seedlings in Qingzhou
Green seedlings in Qingzhou

I believe everyone is not new to the greening project, but do you know how the unit price of green seedlings in Qingzhou is calculated? Let the editor explain to you.

1. Cost structure of greening project

  1. Cost structure: Qingzhou green seedling budget price, planting fee, survival rate period maintenance fee, management fee, profit, green seedling seedling price difference, and tax.

  2 Basis for fee collection: budget price of green seedlings.

2. Greening project rates

Planting fee: big tree 10%, small tree 7%

Survival rate period maintenance fee: 12% in normal season, 18% in off-season

Management fee: 3%

Profit: 2. 5%

Taxes: City 3. 445%, Township 3. 292%

Partial quota adjustment instructions

Qingzhou green seedlings budget price includes: nursery stock price, excavation fee, mud ball dressing fee, hoisting fee, transportation fee, transportation loss, unloading fee, planting loss, harvesting insurance fee, plant quarantine fee, greening seedling operating profit, etc.

The planting fee includes: planting of green seedlings, lawns and removal of garbage and waste after planting. Big tree planting also includes the cost of lifting machinery.

The survival period refers to twelve consecutive months after the completion of the greening project. Survival rate period maintenance fee includes: grass rope winding trunk fee, conventional support fee, shade fee, soft snorkel fee, labor fee, water and electricity fee, etc.

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